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Are You Struggling to Get Noticed in the Art World?

Tired of trying to navigate the art world?

Frustrated by trying to sell your art?

Doubting you can make a living from your art?

Overwhelmed by the business side of art?

Lacking gallery representation?

Wasting time marketing instead of making art?

Building Your Art Career Shouldn’t Be So Overwhelming

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With a better running business you can focus on making and selling more art.

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Learn the right techniques to grow your collector base on social media.

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Knowing exactly what to do and how to grow your art career is extremely liberating.

Becoming Known In The Art World Should Be Easier

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What Artists Are Saying…

Working and collaborating with Chris Davies has been an instrumental part of my career as an artist and photographer. His vision and support for artists is cutting edge in developing one’s career, and he has created a new platform for exhibiting work that did not previously exist in the art world.
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Jessie Chaney


There are many challenges to creating an art career — marketing, presentation and display. I met Chris Davies two years ago and he has provided me with great guidance in this difficult arena.
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Nancy R Wise


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