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Working and collaborating with Chris Davies has been an instrumental part of my career as an artist and photographer.

His vision and support for artists is cutting edge in developing one’s career, and he has created a new platform for exhibiting work that did not previously exist in the art world. His international network and contacts for exhibitions around the world is so exciting and globally interconnected.

Every exhibition I’ve done with Chris has led to another amazing opportunity and next step for me in my career.

His support, belief, and outlook for my work has helped to push and inspire me to take risks and chances, and keep taking my photography to the next level.

I am eternally grateful.

Jessie Chaney


There are many challenges to creating an art career. My focus has been on creating the art piece itself. And indeed this demanded considerable focus on the skill and expertise required for artistic expression. As an artist, developing my paintings has always been foremost in my mind.

But there is another part to an art career that is just as important — marketing, presentation and display.

I met Chris Davies 8 years ago and he has provided me with great guidance in this difficult arena. Because of his knowledge and vast experience in the art market, he has mentored me in marketing, exhibiting and much more, helping me grow my art brand and building my audience.

I’m happy to say that I have a firm path beneath me from marketing to showing and selling my work. Selling my art never grows old. What a joy to create a piece of art that someone else loves so much that they want to take it home to enjoy.

The future is wide open and I really enjoy working with Chris on this grand adventure. Now back to the studio.

Nancy R Wise


Since meeting Chris Davies 10 years ago, he has had a great influence on my growth as a photographic artist.

Maneuvering the art world is at best a difficult task, and usually a solitary endeavor. However, with Chris’s knowledge in all aspects of the art world and his sincere desire to grow the careers of emerging artists, I have been exposed to opportunities I never thought I would have. His gentle guidance has given me the confidence to pursue new challenges and opportunities, avoid the pitfalls most new artists experience and to develop my own individual voice.

With Chris’s encouragement, I now see each career possibility as a welcome challenge, not one to be feared or to be intimidated by, but rather one to be taken on as a new step in my own artistic growth.

Maureen J Haldeman


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