Most artists struggle to get their art seen.

We created programs to help artists build their audience, so they can sell more art and become known in the art world.

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Since meeting Chris Davies five years ago, he has had a great influence on my growth as a photographic artist.

Maneuvering the art world is at best a difficult task, and usually a solitary endeavor. However, with Chris’s knowledge of all aspects of the art world and his sincere desire to grow the careers of emerging artists, I have been exposed to opportunities I never thought I would have. His gentle guidance has given me the confidence to pursue new challenges and opportunities, avoid the pitfalls most new artists experience and to develop my own individual voice.

With Chris’s encouragement, I now see each career possibility as a welcome challenge, not one to be feared or to be intimidated by, but rather one to be taken on as a new step in my own artistic growth.

Maureen J Haldeman


Struggling to get your art seen?

Being an artist, or pursuing any creative or business endeavor today, is particularly challenging. The art world is changing rapidly. The conventional gallery system is not the way it used to be. There are still many opportunities for artists, but accessing them involves a lot of extra work for the independent artist.

To break away from the pack, contemporary artists must do much more than focus on creating art. They really have to run a business. There’s a lot to handle and manage:

  • creating art
  • marketing your art
  • finding patrons and new collectors
  • identifying outlets to sell your art
  • developing an artists’ network
  • posting on social media
  • building an email list
  • writing artist statements
  • preparing press releases
  • managing your business

Artists have to juggle many of these tasks, as I well know, having learned from my own experience. As a business owner who has worked with many artists, I understand how daunting it can be to run concurrent businesses and creative endeavors. It’s especially difficult to have to market and represent yourself. To find out more about my background and experience working with artists, please read on…

I’ve been there, too

I understand the uncertainty of not knowing where to begin. After growing up in Australia, and spending my early adulthood in Sydney, where I dabbled in music and business, I relocated to the United States, and had to start from scratch in a new country.

When I first arrived, I was fortunate to get a job in a Hollywood recording studio. It was a dream job that gave me a wonderful opportunity to work with some of the world’s most talented songwriters, producers and musicians. While I loved my role at the studio, I quickly realized that making a good living would be a challenge. I was struggling to make ends meet, so I tried to figure out how to earn extra money.

Around that time, Apple began releasing its line of Macintosh computers. I picked up a Macintosh SE computer and fell in love with it, teaching myself how to use it, and the myriad software applications I got my hands on. I decided to start a graphic design agency, taking the risk to launch my first real business in the United States. One client led to another and I started working with companies large and small.

In 1994, I met an artist who became a good friend. He was a renaissance man, a kind soul who understood the art of being an artist, and the need for artists to market themselves, the way businesses do. He wanted me to help him build his art career. In the process of working with him, I learned so much that he became my mentor and coach. It was a match made for art heaven! I helped him grow his art career and he helped me understand all facets of the art world, unfamiliar to me at the time.

In the past 30 years, I have made a living as a musician, studio engineer, graphic designer, agency owner, event and festival producer and publisher. I’ve created marketing campaigns for advertising agencies and major brands.

Since the day I met my artist friend, I’ve gone on to work with hundreds of artists and entrepreneurs, and have designed and published dozens of catalogs and artist books.

I currently publish Fabrik, a print and online art magazine, direct Fabrik Projects, a Los Angeles art gallery, produce two independent art fairs and also run a social media and digital marketing agency for creatives. Allow me to help you build the type of creative career you wish to have.

To find out more about Artpreneur, and how it can help you, please read on…

How can Artpreneur help you get established in the art world, and become known?

Through my entrepreneurial experiences, I have built several businesses in the fields of music, film, animation, business, publishing and the arts. I am familiar with all aspects of running a business, the challenges of establishing an artist’s career, and what it takes to build a brand and platform from scratch, having done so many times.

My mission is to bring this experience to you and give you the tools, clarity and courage you need to build your audience, sell more art and become known in the art world.

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