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A Safe and Stimulating Platform for Building Your Career as an Artist and Creative Entrepreneur

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Introducing Artpreneur Pro

Artpreneur is devoted to building a worldwide community of artists and creative entrepreneurs focused on making the most of their careers. Artpreneur Pro is an exclusive private network for growth-minded artists and creative entrepreneurs. We’re geared to supporting a membership of artists and creatives who are motivated and self-directed, committed to self-discovery, willing to do the work and eager to create their own career paths.

The journey of an artist can be challenging and isolating. Many artists are confronted by self-doubt, fear of rejection, lack of support, limited resources and insufficient access to art world expertise. Artists and creative entrepreneurs face these struggles every day. It’s not surprising that many of them burn out far short of achieving their dreams.

While it’s impossible to guarantee success, the probability of success—building a profitable art career on your own terms—can be dramatically improved by having access to expert guidance and joining forces with other artists who share common goals and values.

You don’t have to take this journey alone.

All entrepreneurial journeys are unique but they all benefit from common experiences:

Enriched education

Immersive training


Professional networking


Interactive collaborations


Access to expert advice

Deriving value from those experiences is only possible when the culture providing those experiences is rooted in safety.

A Safe Haven

Artpreneur Pro provides:

A safe place to ask questions, experiment with ideas, practice pitches, commit to challenges and generally learn and grow without fear of judgment or rejection.
Relationship building opportunities with like-minded artists that can yield solutions to problems, lead to prosperous partnerships, and establish friendships.
First access to new concepts, content, and other offerings from Artpreneur.
A peer community of motivated artists that welcomes like-minded members from diverse backgrounds.
A focused environment for accelerated learning and networking without distractions.
A privacy-first attitude toward all current and future aspects of the community.
We’re thrilled to establish this ecosystem for nurturing artistic endeavor in a community void of negativity, hype, distractions and non-starters. It’s a place where serious artists and creative entrepreneurs can jumpstart their careers, make new discoveries, expand their networks, and elevate their potential.

Inside Artpreneur Pro

Artpreneur Pro is structured upon three core pillars: Private Community, Direct Access & Support and Exclusive Content.

Our Private Community comes to life through:

Learning channels for discussions around skill development topics such as social media, social media marketing, traditional marketing, press releases, email marketing and more.
Discovery channels for member networking, collaborations and more.
Monthly challenges that encourage, support and reward member growth.
Review/critique opportunities where members can get feedback and exposure on their new projects.
Private channels for focused discussions among member cohorts.
Private 1:1 messaging among community members.

Exclusive Content—through the following resources:


This database of resources includes listings of galleries, art consultants, art fairs, art framers, installers, art shippers, PR companies and more.


You’ll have access to a library of short, simple digital recorded workshops and classes offering actionable marketing and development training to help you start, grow, and scale your art business!

You’ll have access to these workshops, valued at $29 each for members — $99 for non-members. Artpreneur Pro members are also invited to attend live recordings of future workshops.

You’ll have 24/7 access, and new trainings will be added every month!


On a regular basis, Artpreneur team members and invited guests will choose a book, podcast or documentary that aligns with their area of expertise. Read, listen or watch… and join in the discussion.

Other exclusive content includes:


E-books of all Artpreneur guides (each valued between $1.99-$4.99).

Super deals and discounts only available to Artpreneur Pro members.

Direct Access and Support—through the following experiences:

Monthly Member Mastermind Sessions: Meet with fellow artists each month for a guided 90-minute career development session. Get answers to marketing or other development questions PLUS have the opportunity to share what you’re learning with others and personally connect with other artists!
Regular Ask Me Anything (AMA) events hosted by Artpreneur founder and director Chris Davies and other art world experts, such as guest curators, art critics, PR professionals and gallery directors.
New member community hangouts.
Professional theme-based networking community hangouts.
Self-help knowledge base of resources such as articles and videos.
The structure of Artpreneur Pro is informed by the expertise of trusted art world professionals, and will continue to evolve as we learn more about the diverse characteristics, interests and needs of our members.
Ask Me Anything Sessions

Seeking Founding Members

Growth-minded. Driven by purpose. Committed to self-awareness. Willing to work hard. Eager to create your own opportunities. If that sounds like you, and if you’re interested in joining a private community of like-minded artists and creative entrepreneurs, then we’d like to welcome you to Artpreneur Pro.

Artpreneur Pro is in beta mode, which presents a special opportunity. It’s a moment of exploration and innovation. It’s a chance to become a part of this exclusive community as a founding member from the very beginning at a reduced introductory membership fee. See more info on membership fees here.

Artpreneur Pro is a good match if you:


believe in humility, empathy, optimism and tenacity

value diversity and accept others regardless of nationality, appearance, race, ideas and backgrounds
welcome the responsibility to work diligently
are emotionally ready to give and receive feedback that may at times challenge your thinking
have a functioning art career that is already gaining recognition and generating some amount of revenue, even if it’s small
have an online presence (e.g. website, email, social media) that has begun to attract an audience, even if you have not yet built a significant following or subscriber base
do not yet have an online presence
are in the early phase of learning what it takes to be an artist

Feel like it’s a match?
Become a Founding Member.

Following are options to become a Founding Member of Artpreneur Pro today!


Become a Lifetime
Member for just $299!

Never pay anything again!

We are accepting only 100 lifetime spots. 

Become a Member
for $37/month!

Or pay $370 per year and cancel any time!

Save $74 and get 2 MONTHS FREE when you choose the annual option – for a limited time!

Important FAQs

Is there a cost to join Artpreneur Pro?

Yes. We’re opening up a limited number of lifetime spots for founding members for an initial fee of $299. We are accepting only 100 lifetime spots to be exact.

If you miss out on the founding member pricing, then our member pricing will be as follows:

  • $37/month, or
  • $370/year

Members can cancel their subscriptions at any time.

What is the refund policy?

We offer a 30-day refund policy on purchases. If you cancel, you can request a refund on any funds paid within the last 30 days. We do not refund or pro-rate payments that were made more than 30 days prior to your request.

Still have questions? Contact us here.

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